Terms and Conditions and Privacy and cookie policy

Terms and Conditions

To use the rental service, the Client must become acquainted with the following Terms and Conditions and accept them.

1.       Definitions

The following words and expressions used in Terms and Conditions shall have the following meanings:

1.1   E-mail address – ICT system designation which enables contact via electronic means of communication.

1.2   Personal data – all information regarding an identified or identifiable physical person and processed by Booking System Owner to adequately provide Services defined in these Terms and Conditions, as well as for statistical purposes related to the business activity run by Intermediary.

1.3   Client – a physical person, legal person, organizational unit with legal capacity and public institution and budgetary units, using Services offered by Apartamenty Świnoujście.

1.4   Governing Law – law applicable in the Republic of Poland.

1.5   Apartamenty Świnoujście Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with its registered seat in Świnoujście, Lutycka 2a/4, 72-600 Świnoujście, Poland, Tax ID (NIP) 8551601426, Regon: 387908136, KRS: 0000877532.

1.6   Terms and Conditions – these Terms and Conditions of Apartamenty Świnoujście on-line booking platform. Terms and Conditions are available free of charge at www.apartamenty.swinoujscie.pl.

1.7   ICT system – a system comprised of cooperating IT devices and software, ensuring the processing and storage as well as sending and receiving of data via telecommunications networks by means of a terminal device appropriate for the network type within the meaning of Telecommunications Law Act of 16 July 2004 (Journal of Laws of 2019 no. 2460 with changes).

1.8   Electronic means of communication – technical solutions, including ICT equipment and cooperating software tools, enabling individual remote communication using data transfer among ICT Systems, E-mail.

1.9   Apartment / apartments – apartments/premises proposed for rent, located at the territory of the European Union, where short stay is offered, are published at www.apartamenty.swinoujscie.pl.

1.10           Contract – an agreement on short-term rental of an apartment, concluded by and between Client and Apartamenty Świnoujście when Apartamenty Świnoujście confirms the booking process.

1.11           Services – activities leading to Client Booking an apartment via www.apartamenty.swinoujscie.pl , which includes the conclusion of Contract.

1.12           APSEM – Act of 18 July 2002 on Providing Services by Electronic Means (Journal of Laws of 2002 no. 344).

1.13           Booking – Service consisting in making an apartment rental reservation by Client via www.apartamenty.swinoujscie.pl , based on which Client is going to conclude Contract with Apartamenty Świnoujście.


2.       General provisions


2.1   These Terms and Conditions define the following:

2.2   The rights and duties of Client and Apartamenty Świnoujście related to the provision of Services by electronic means and with Contract conclusion.

2.3   The rules of booking via www.apartamenty.swinoujscie.pl and the rules of concluding Contract.

2.4   Apartamenty Świnoujście provides Services by electronic means via www.apartamenty.swinoujscie.pl website, in accordance with Terms and Conditions.

2.5   Client shall comply with the provisions of Terms and Conditions from the moment of acting aimed at using Services provided by www.apartamenty.swinoujscie.pl website.


3.       Terms of Service Provision by Apartamenty Świnoujście


3.1   The following technical conditions must be met to cooperate with ICT system used by Apartamenty Świnoujście:

3.1.1         Internet connection,

3.1.2         Web browser enabling the display of HTML documents on screen.

3.1.3         Browser supporting an E-mail account.

3.2   Apartamenty Świnoujście shall inform Client of the possibility of recording its IP address for the purposes of Service statistics and Service enhancement.

3.3   Apartamenty Świnoujście stipulates that using Services may entail standard risk involved in using Internet network. It is recommended that Client undertakes appropriate measures to minimize the risk.


4.       Booking an apartment


4.1   An updated apartment offer may only be found at www.apartamenty.swinoujscie.pl

4.2   Information on apartments placed at www.apartamenty.swinoujscie.pl not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Polish Civil Code

4.3   Apartamenty Świnoujście is the owner of copyrights to the content presented at www.apartamenty.swinoujscie.pl

4.4   Photographs are placed at www.apartamenty.swinoujscie.pl for reference only, to present apartments depicted therein.

4.5   The Client may book the Apartment directly via the website ww.apartamenty.swinoujscie.pl, as well as make a preliminary reservation by e-mail or by phone. When making a reservation through the website www.apartamenty.swinoujscie.pl , the Client will receive a confirmation of the reservation to his e-mail address, including the selection of the apartment, date, cost of stay and additional services as well as the amount of the deposit. Making a reservation via the Apartamenty Świnoujście website is tantamount to submitting an offer to conclude an Agreement. When making a reservation, the Client is obliged to provide Personal Data in the form of name, surname, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

4.5.1         If a reservation is made up to 30 days before the start of the stay, the Client is obliged to pay a deposit of 30% of the reservation value to the bank account indicated by Apartamenty Świnoujście. 30 days before the start of the stay, the Client is obliged to pay the remaining amount of the booking value. Payment is made online: by credit card, bank transfer or by blik.

4.5.2         If the reservation is made less than 30 days before the start of the stay, the client is obliged to pay 100% of the reservation value to the bank account indicated by Apartamenty Świnoujście. Payment is made online: by credit card, bank transfer or by blik.

4.5.3         If the booking is not completed with the online payment process, it will be automatically cancelled.

4.6   In response to an inquiry addressed to Apartamenty Świnoujście by e-mail, the Client will receive an offer of free Apartments on a given date without a guarantee of availability. After receiving such a statement, the Client is entitled to choose an apartment and make a reservation via the website www.apartamenty.swinoujscie.pl on the terms set out in point 4.5 and next.

4.7   When making a reservation by phone, the Client will receive an initial confirmation of the reservation to his e-mail address, including the selection of the apartment, date, cost of stay and additional services as well as the amount of the deposit in the amount of 30%. After receiving such a statement, the Client finalizes the reservation via the website www.apartamenty.swinoujscie.pl on the terms specified in point 4.5 and following.

4.8   Each Booking by the Client is tantamount to his declaration that the personal data provided is complete and consistent with the facts, that he is entitled to conclude the Agreement in the light of applicable law, that the information provided does not infringe the rights of third parties.

4.9   The minimum rental period for the Apartment is two nights, provided that during the so-called long weekends, winter breaks, summer holidays, Apartamenty Świnoujście reserves the right to extend the minimum rental period.

4.10           When booking for groups, the person concluding the Agreement should provide all necessary Personal Data, unless he / she did so when confirming the Booking. At the same time this person acknowledges having third-party responsibility for the execution of Contract.


5.       Rental prices


5.1   The applicable rental prices of apartments are only published at www.apartamenty.swinoujscie.pl.

5.2   The applicable amounts of additional fees (final cleaning, parking lot, pets, tourist tax, additional bed) are only published at www.apartamenty.swinoujscie.pl.

5.3   The apartment rental prices published at www.apartamenty.swinoujscie.pl are in Polish zloty (PLN) and include VAT in the amount applicable as of the date of Contract conclusion.

5.4   Apartamenty Świnoujście may publish the prices in other currencies in other language versions of the website www.apartamenty.swinoujscie.pl.


6.       Arrival and departure of Clients


6.1   Clients are expected on the day of arrival (i.e., on the date determined as the beginning of apartment rental) from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm in our office – located at the following address: Lutycka 2a / 4 in Świnoujście. In case of the arrival outside our office hours the keys to the apartment will be deposit in our safe which is located next to the entrance from the street Karsiborska. The Client receives a text massage (SMS / WhatsApp / Messenger) with the safe number and code under the condition that the Client confirmed his mobile phone number. The condition for depositing the keys in the safe is the full payment for the Reservation credited to the Apartamenty Świnoujście account. On the day following the arrival, the client is obliged to report to the office during its opening hours for check-in.

6.2   The Client should leave the Apartment on the last day of the stay by 10:00. Handing over the keys to the apartment by the Client on the day of departure takes place at the Apartamenty Świnoujście office. Apartamenty Świnoujście reserves the right to collect the keys to the apartment in the apartment after prior arrangement with the client. In the event of the client's departure outside the office hours, it is possible to return the keys by depositing them in a safe, provided that all payments are settled and consent to the collection of the apartment and assessment of its condition in the absence of the client.

6.3   The client is obliged to inform Apartamenty Świnoujście about the arrival with his pet. For such Clients, there are apartments in which pets are allowed. Information about such Apartments is available on the website www.apartamenty.swinoujscie.pl . In the absence of information about traveling with an animal, Apartamenty Świnoujście reserves the right to charge a fee of PLN 40 per night per pet and an additional fee for cleaning the apartment of PLN 200.

6.4   Apartamenty Świnoujście has the right to charge the Client a deposit which will be collected on the arrival day and refunded within 7 days after the departure if there are no damages in the apartment.

6.5   The person who booked the apartment and the person who was checked in jointly and severally are responsible for the condition and equipment of the apartment.


7.       Rules of stay


7.1   The website www.apartamenty.swinoujscie.pl contains a description of each apartment and information on the admissibility of pets there. The Client is obliged to properly use and respect the equipment of the apartment, as well as to respect public order, to keep the quiet hours from 22.00 to 10.00 the next day. In the event of exceeding the number of residents resulting from the booking made, finding devastation or gross violation of public order, Apartamenty Świnoujście has the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect without reimbursement of the cost of stay.

7.2   The Client is obliged to properly secure the Apartment, i.e., to carefully close the entrance doors and windows each time they leave it and to store the keys to the Apartment so that no unauthorized persons have access to them.

7.3   The Client is obliged to segregate garbage in accordance with the rules in force at the given facility.

7.4   On the day of departure, the Client is obliged to remove all rubbish from the apartment, turn on the dishwasher and take off the bed linen.

7.5   Client is not authorized to rent apartment to third parties.

7.6   In the event of objections as to the cleanliness of the Apartment or finding technical defects in the Apartment, the Client should immediately inform Świnoujście Apartments about this fact.

7.7   If Client, after or during the execution of Contract, finds faults in the execution of Contract, Client has the right to file a complaint with Apartamenty Świnoujście.

7.8   When making a complaint, the Client is obliged to attach a written statement containing the following data: data of the claimant - full name or business name, exact address of residence or registered office and e-mail address, date of performance of the Agreement, precisely described defect and circumstances of its occurrence, claimant's request.

7.9   Complaints are considered by Apartamenty Świnoujście within a maximum of 14 days from Contract execution date.

7.10           If the complaint is accepted by Apartamenty Świnoujście, Apartamenty Świnoujście proposes a price reduction or other solution.

7.11           In the event of a breach of the terms of the complaint procedure, the complaint may not be recognized.

7.12           Early departure does not constitute grounds for reimbursement of all or part of the cost of the stay.

7.13           The Client is responsible for damages caused in the Apartment.

7.14           Smoking is strictly forbidden in all Apartments. The apartments can be equipped with smoke detectors. Triggering a fire alarm may result in charging the Client with the costs of intervention by the fire brigade or the security company.

7.15           Apartamenty Świnoujście cannot be held responsible for any errors (including substantive and linguistic errors) and for any interruptions (temporary and / or partial) in the operation of the website www.apartamenty.swinoujscie.pl related to a failure, repair, update, or maintenance of our website.

7.16           In accordance with the restrictions contained in these Regulations, as well as in accordance with applicable law, Apartamenty Świnoujście is responsible only for covering direct damage that the Client suffered in connection with the failure by Apartamenty Świnoujście to provide the Services and performance of the Agreement, and which in total the sum is equal to the total cost of the Agreement (regardless of whether it was a one-off or a recurring situation).

7.17           Apartamenty Świnoujście Solutions is not liable for (i) any punitive, unusual, direct or indirect damages and losses of production, loss of profit, loss of income, loss of contract, loss or impairment of good faith or reputation, total loss, (ii) services provided and products offered by Apartamenty Świnoujście, (iii) any (direct, indirect or punitive) damages, losses or costs suffered by Client that result from or are related to using, inability to use or delays in the operation of www.apartamenty.swinoujscie.pl or for (v) any injuries, deaths, property damages or other (direct, indirect, unusual or punitive) damages, losses or costs suffered by Client that do not result from actions or negligence or Apartamenty Świnoujście, including force majeure events or any other event beyond the control of Apartamenty Świnoujście.

7.18           Apartamenty Świnoujście shall not be liable for any external phenomena that hinder the use of the Apartment, independent of Apartamenty Świnoujście, for construction works (including repairs) carried out in neighbouring premises or nearby real estate, or noise caused by other reasons.

7.19           It is prohibited to grill on the balconies of terraces in the multi apartment buildings.

7.20           In the apartments it is not allowed to arrange parties or events.


8.       Booking cancellation or failure to arrive. Changes in Contract conditions.


8.1   Information on changing or resignation from the Reservation should be sent to Apartamenty Świnoujście in writing via e-mail or via post.

8.2   If the Client resigns from the Booking within 90 days before arrival, the down payment, less an operating fee of PLN 100, shall be returned within 7 days from the date of resignation (return offer).

8.3   If the Client resigns from the Reservation less than 90 days before arrival, the down payment will not be refunded (refundable offer). If Apartamenty Świnoujście accepts and realizes another reservation for the same apartment in the same period and on the same financial terms, the down payment less an operating fee of PLN 100 will be returned within 14 days after the new Reservation is made.

8.4   In the event of cancellation of the Reservation less than 30 days before arrival, the costs incurred by Apartamenty Świnoujście related to the Client 's resignation from the service (return offer) are deducted from the amount paid for the stay. The deduction cannot exceed 90% of the cost of the stay. The remaining amount is returned to the Client.

8.5   The deduction referred to in point 8.4 shall not be made if Apartamenty Świnoujście accepts and performs another booking for the same apartment in the same period and on the same financial terms. Then the payment for the stay, less the operating fee in the amount of PLN 100, will be refunded within 14 days after the new Reservation has been made.

8.6   In the event of cancellation of a Reservation made in a non-refundable offer, the payment made will not be refunded.

8.7   Insurance against Booking cancellation is recommended.

8.8   Lack of the Client 's arrival or contact on the agreed day of arrival will result in releasing the Apartment for re-booking the next day.

8.9   Apartamenty Świnoujście reserves the right to withdraw from contract or offer another apartment if, due to objective circumstances (force majeure) it is not possible to use the booked apartment. If the replacement apartment does not meet Client's expectations, Client has the right to withdraw from rental contract, and the amount paid in advance is returned in 100%.

8.10           Apartamenty Świnoujście reserves the right to withdraw from contract or offer another apartment in the case of overbooking, i.e., when by mistake, contracts with at least two Clients are concluded with respect to the same apartment for the same period. In such case, withdrawal from contract equals to the obligation to return the amount paid in advance to Client in 100%. If the replacement apartment does not meet Client's expectations, Client has the right to withdraw from rental contract, and the amount paid in advance is returned in 100%.

8.11           In the event of any disputes that may arise from the performance of the Agreement, the parties will seek to settle them amicably, and in the event of failure to reach an agreement, the parties will submit the dispute to the General Court competent for the seat of Apartamenty Świnoujście.

8.12           Apartamenty Świnoujście reserves the right to modify the prices published at www.apartamenty.swinoujscie.pl , introduce new apartments to the offer, to conduct and cancel promotional campaigns and to modify them. These rights do not impact prices under Contracts concluded prior to the date on which the change of price, promotion conditions or sale conditions comes into effect.


9.       Final Provisions


9.1   Terms and Conditions come into effect as of on 01/01/2021.

9.2   The applicable Terms and Conditions are available for Client at www.apartamenty.swinoujscie.pl.

9.3   Apartamenty Świnoujście reserves the right to unilaterally change the provisions of the Regulations, without the need to justify the reasons for the Client, subject to the provisions below.

9.4   Changes made to Terms and Conditions come into effect 7 days after the publication of their content on the website www.apartamenty.swinoujscie.pl.

9.5   Bookings made and Contracts concluded prior to the entering into force of changes in Terms and Conditions are executed based on the provisions of Terms and Conditions applicable as of the date of Booking.

9.6   In matters not covered, the relevant provisions of the Civil Code and the Act of August 29, 1997 on Tourist Services and the AEDA shall apply.

9.7   Original Polish version of these Terms and Conditions may be translated into other languages. In case of any doubt as to the content or interpretation of Terms and Conditions or in case of discrepancies, especially discrepancies between Polish version of Terms and Conditions and any other language versions of Terms and Conditions, the Polish version prevails since it is final and conclusive to the extent defined by the applicable legal regulations.

Privacy and cookie policy

1.       Privacy Policy

According to Art. 13 sec. 1 and 2 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (general regulation on data protection, hereinafter also referred to as the GDPR), we inform you that:

1.1   The Client 's Personal Data Administrator is Apartamenty Świnoujście Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością, ul. Lutycka 2a, 72-600 Świnoujście, phone: +48 91 322 47 49, e-mail: info@apartamenty.swinoujscie.pl.

1.2   The Client's personal data is processed to conclude and perform the contract and make the necessary settlements in connection with its conclusion. The legal basis for the processing of personal data is Art. 6 sec. 1 lit. b GDPR.

1.3   The scope of personal data processed is as follows: name, surname, address, e-mail address, telephone number. The administrator may also process operational data in the field of IP address to keep Website statistics and to introduce improvements to the Website.

1.4   By making a Reservation, the Client agrees to the processing and use of his personal data for the purpose referred to in point 1.2 above.

1.5   Apartamenty Świnoujście ensure the security of the Client's Personal Data and process Personal Data in accordance with the general regulation on data protection.

1.6   Apartamenty Świnoujście ensure the protection of the Personal Data provided by the Client against third party access and disclosure, with the proviso that in certain situations the disclosure of data may take place for reasons prescribed by the Data Protection Regulation.

1.7   The recipients of the Client's personal data may be employees and contractors of the Administrator to whom he entrusted the processing of personal data, e.g., office employees.

1.8   The Client has the right to request the Administrator to access his Personal Data, rectify it, delete, or limit processing, as well as the right to object to the processing and the right to transfer data.

1.9   The Client's personal data will be stored for the period necessary to perform the contract, and after its termination or expiry - for the mandatory period of documentation storage, determined by separate regulations.

1.10                      The Client has the right to lodge a complaint with the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection based in Warsaw at ul. Stawki 2, 00-193 Warsaw.

1.11                      Providing data is voluntary, but necessary for the conclusion and performance of the Agreement. If the Client does not agree to the rules contained in this point, he is asked not to use the services offered on the Apartamenty Świnoujście website.

1.12                      Personal data will not be subject to automated decision making or profiling.


2.       Cookie policy


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2.2   Regardless of the provisions of item 2.1 above, please be informed that cookie files are small text files sent by a web site and saved on a device used by the internaut. Web browsers' default settings most often allow this sort of file to be saved and then read by the server that created it. These settings may be modified according to User's preferences. It is however worth remembering that blocking cookie files entirely may limit or prevent using some of the website's functions.

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